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Cove Eco Resort boat on the way to Waisai Ferry Terminal, Raja Ampat
What are the recommended flight ?
Airline From Jakarta Travel Time Leaving Jakarta Arriving in Sorong
1 Batik Air Direct from Jakarta 4h 10m 01:50 am 08:00 am
2 Nam Air Direct from Jakarta 4h 10m 12:05 am 06:10 am
3 Xpress Direct from Jakarta 4h 10m 01:10 am 07:20 am
4 Sriwijaya 1 hour transit in Makassar 5h 20m 12:05 am 07:25 am
5 Garuda 3 hour transit in Makassar 7h 11:45 pm 08:45 am
Airline From Bali Travel Time Leaving Bali Arriving in Sorong
1 Batik Air 2 transits: 2h40 min Jakarta and 50min Makassar 10h 08:30 pm 07:30 am
2 Batik Air 4h transit in Jakarta 10h30m 08:30 pm 08:00 am
3 Sriwijaya 8h35 min transit in Makassar 11h55m 05:30 pm 06:25 am
4 Garuda 9h transit in Makassar 12h30m 05:30 pm 07:00 am

If you would like to look at full schedule of all airlines going to Sorong, please check out www.traveloka.com for full information

The nearest airport to Raja Ampat is located in Sorong. Unlike the olden days, the growth of tourism has made traveling to Raja Ampat more accessible and more affordable. Air Carriers such as Garuda, Sriwijaya, Lion Air, and Express Air offer transportation to Sorong from various destinations.

Direct air travel time from Jakarta to Sorong is 3 hours and 50 minutes. The fare for return air ticket from Jakarta to Sorong range from Rp. 3.5 million to 6 million (USD 350-550).

Our little paradise is unique due to its remote location that preserve it from mass tourism. To reach it, we have dedicated transport package available on either friday or monday. The transport is fully inclusive from airport until the island via Waisai using scheduled ferry.

The moment you arrive in Sorong, our friendly staff will be there to greet, assist, and transport you:
- Pickup from Sorong Airport to accompany you to the Ferry terminal of Sorong which take about 1h.
- assist you to take the Ferry to Waisai (about 2h)
- once arrived in Waisai, you will be transfered to our boat where you can relax, enjoy and take in the beauty of Raja Ampat as you travel to the home of Cove Eco Resort which is approximately 1.5 hour from waisai

in Total, if you are pickup in Sorong around 08:00am in Sorong airport, you should be arrived around 12:00 to 13:00 at Cove Eco Resort.

For the return from the island, with a departure around 07:00am, you should be arrived around 12:00 in Sorong.

Please Note that Ferry schedule are not accurate. Delays happen frequently as well as last minute cancellation. Weather conditions can also affect the trip. We therefore recommend our guest to stay one night in Sorong to avoid any flight missed. 

Our standard transport package is on Monday and Friday from/to Sorong.

Private boat and specific schedule are pretty expensive and usually only for group of severall persons to share the cost.

However, we can customize your transport from other location with specific rates on a case by case basis. Please send your request by email at  and we will do our best to assist you.

That depends on your Nationality.
Most nationalities have a “Free Tourist Visa” meanwhile most some others require a Visa to travel in Indonesia, a Visa-On-Arrival (VOA) is applicable. At present the VOA charge is USD 35.00 for applicants staying in the Country for 30 days. Please check the Indonesian Embassy in your country to see if you qualify for a “Free Tourist Visa”.

What is the best time to visit ?

Open for Diving and Snorkeling year round. Unlike other parts of Indonesia, weather patterns in central Raja Ampat are much more stable, with less distinct dry and rainy seasons. Diving and snorkeling condition are good all year round and water temperature is a constant 28° – 30°C (82° – 86°F), with visibility averaging 10-20m

What are the baggage limits ?

Many international carriers provide baggage allowances for Scuba equipment, however domestic airlines are limited.

At present the baggage allowance for Lion, Sriwijaya & Express Air are 20 Kg per person; the allowance for Wings Air and several smaller companies is 15kg; any excess baggage must be paid at the airport. Rates for excess baggage are subject to change without notice and vary depend on the airline, aircraft type and location.

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