Cove Eco Resort - Private Island in Raja Ampat

3 Days Tour “Raja Ampat Discovery"

Day 1: Keben Kecil

After check-in at the resort, Snorkeling tour to the little Yeben island known as Yeben Shallow.

Yeben Kecil pristine water, Raja Ampat
Snorkeling at Yeben Shallow, Raja Ampat

Yeben kecil has beautifull reef that you can explore safely

Reef snorkelling and relaxing in the white sand island

school of fishes and corals at Yeben Shalow, Raja Ampat
Day 2: Pianemo Islands

Pianemo Island are Raja Ampat icon's,

Trip starts after breakfast.

Arrive in Piyanemo and will climb stairs to the top of Piyanemo point and proceed to star lagoon while enjoying fresh coconut.

Pianemo amazing view with Cove Eco Resort model, Raja Ampat
Star Lagoon near Pianemo, Raja Ampat
Star Lagoon

Snorkeling in Pam wall with soft coral as your surrounding view. Head to enjoy your lunch in the nice white sandy beach near Pam Wall. Continue to snorkel in Melissa Garden. Back to resort for dinner.

Day 3: Arborek and Holgmman

After breakfast the trip starts with visiting Arborek village where you can interact with locals.

Arborek street, Raja Ampat
Kids of Arborek, Raja Ampat

and snorkeling around Arborek to see giant clams, schooling fish, and soft corals. Our trip will then proceed to Holgmam where you can see bat cave and we will have lunch in one of the Holgam island.

Then we will continue to do some bird watching in Sawingrai village to see the majestic Cendrawasih (Bird of Paradise) or simply learn a song or two with the local kids. Head back to the resort and tour ends

Child in the street of Arborek, Raja Ampat

Cove Eco Resort - Private Island in Raja Ampat

4 Days Tour “Raja Ampat Ampat"

Day 4: Wayag

after breakfast you will start your journey with 2 hours boat ride to the island of Wayag.

Wayag is made of little islands and it is one of the icon used everytime Raja Ampat's name come to mind. The picture of Wayag is also displayed in our newest 100 thousand rupiah currency as one of Indonesia's national treasure.

Please expect some hiking and trekking because we will visit 2 points to catch the breathtaking view. You can enjoy shark feeding in the conservation base camp or simply snorkeling and swimming.

Wayag archipelago
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