Cove Eco Resort is located in Raja Ampat
near Piaynemo, the “little Wayag"

on the beach of Yeben, Raja Ampat
Cove Eco Resort Cottage
transparent kayak model above pristine water full of fish of Yeben Island, Raja Ampat
Lagoon Kecil
Clown fish in coral of Yeben Shallow, Raja Ampat
Melissa's garden coral near Fam Islands, Raja Ampat
Manta swimming in Manta reef on the north of Yeben Island, Raja ampat
Lounge of Cove Eco Resort
Wayag hidden beach
Cove Eco Resort Cottage
Yeben Shallow
clear reef full of fishes with baby shark in Yeben island, Raja Ampat
Common Area of Cove Eco Resort
Star Fish in Yeben Shallow, Raja Ampat
Snorkeling on the way to Wayag
Wayag archipellago

Cove Eco Resort - Private Island in Raja Ampat

Warmest Greetings from one of the best Raja Ampat Resort

Welcome Home

"From the island of the last paradise on earth. On behalf of all our staffs and crews, we are very excited and honor to welcome you in Papua and to share with you the artistry display of mother nature in our eco friendly diving resort in Raja Ampat.

Our only aspiration is for you to relish yourself in our paradise."

Local Papuan staff greeting in Yeben Island, the Home of Cove Eco Resort

Cozy place with a familly atmosphere

Our home is highly recommended for diver and non-diver seeking to explore the most stunning area of Raja Ampat in a familly atmosphere resort. We love to create memorable moments together whether it is over a diving or snorkeling or sunset kayaking together, there is never a moment short of friendless in our Raja Ampat resort.

In our Hotel, you can relax and enjoy the sound of nature, enjoy our tasty cuisine prepared by our chef. Play over a beer in the evening on the pool table or read one of our books from our dive book library.
We have ping pong, pool table, sattelite TV and our friendly team that will be glad to share a moment with you.

As we say: “Welcome Home”.

Cove Eco Resort - Private Island in Raja Ampat

A small Resort on a Private Island with a friendly team to service you

With two different type of cottage (with or without AC), you may choose what would suit you the best for your amazing Raja Ampat experience.
You can have a look to our room details here

84m2 Superior Cottage with Air Conditioning

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42m2 Standard Cottage with Ceiling Fan

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Delicious Cuisine

Our Chef will prepare you fresh and tasty unique meals that blends asian and western flavours.

Delicious Meal preparation

Nature lover paradise

Cove Eco Resort is a diving resort in Raja Ampat offering complete packages for family vacation, romantic getaways and water sports activities such diving, snorkeling and water-rock climbing. Diver and non-diver are both welcome on our island.

The private villa are nestled on the northern shores of Yeben island, a true panoramic view of crystal clear oceans, just step ahead from the iconic Piaynemo Island. We deeply committed with environment by reduce plastic ware and as we try to conserve the environment, we hang dry and fold your clothes.

Just relax and share moments with us !

Boat on Yeben beach above corals, Yeben ISland, Raja Ampat

What our recent guest says:

Welcome Home !!! this is Raja Ampat

Patrick A.

“Once your feet touch the white sandy beach of Cove Eco Resort just off the jetty, you are greeted with a drink and welcomed home… hand home is exactly how it feels"

Simply Amazing !

Ashwin A.

“The resort in itself is breathtaking and it looks like in the pictures ! We had an amazing time around the resort and exploring the island. (…) We have fallen in love with the marine life and diving"

Fantastic and lovely Robinso Crusoe island

Anna-Lena G.

Beautifull house reefs are ditributed around the island and invite you snorkeling and swimming. The food is exceptional (…) The staff is always friendly, warmly and all the time helpful.

This is Paradise

Salvo L.

“This property offers one of the best experience you could aim for. (…) The staff is welcoming and incredibly nice. Scuba diver Master know every single area around and can assure you great dives !

Scuba Diver Paradise

Carlo D.

“Best dives ever, I never seen that much of species in single dive, every spot is paradise. (…) I had the best food ever at Cove during my overall Indonesian trip"

Best Raja Ampat has to offer

Carie R.

“Perfect location for divers (and snorkelers) between amazing sites in the Gam Islands and Dampier strait. Less boat time = more fish time !"

Cove jetty with bottom glass kayak, Yeben Island, Raja Ampat
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