Cove Eco Resort - Private Island in Raja Ampat

Sustainable Tourism

All of us at Cove Eco Resort always considered the “Sustainable Tourism” value long before the resort was built. We want to make sure that our presence will create a better purpose for the environment, community, and a greater good for the world. We want to preserve and maintain the greatness of the Papuan way of life and the beauty of Raja Ampat, yet offer to enhance wherever and whenever we are given a chance to.

Papuan kids of Arborek in traditional dancing

Our first approach was not only cleaning an ocean of trash left behind for many years on Yeben Island by irresponsible locals or foreign tourists but also setting up security to patrol the island from more damage done by illegal fishing using bombs that often happened in Raja Ampat. We have successfully worked together with the locals enforcing a “No Fishing Zone” stretching 5km from the island.

We feel very privileged to be a part of the community and we hope to post more of our involvement in raising the standard of living by providing solar lights, clean water, better health and education for the young generations of Papuans. Although our footprint may seem unnoticeable at this time, but we believe a thousand steps begin with the first step.

Cove Eco Resort - Private Island in Raja Ampat

My Cove Bottle

We provide our customers with unlimited drinking water in reusable free water bottles. You may take the bottle home if you wished as a reminder of your kindness to conserve our resort, Raja Ampat island and planet earth.

My cove bottle

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