+ Meals + Transport
+ Excursion each Wednesday to Piaynemo, Star Lagoon, Lagoon Kecil and Melissa's Garden
+ UNLIMITED Snorkeling Excursion + Kayak + Stand-up Paddle + Snorkeling Equipment

Our philosophy is to customize our offer as per your specific preferences so that you can enjoy the activities you are interested:
- ALL INCLUSIVE PACKAGE: it can be combined with either Diver Package, PADI certification or Tour
- 42m2 or 84m2 : We have two different cottage type, 42m2 Standard Cottage or 84m2 Superior Cottage, both provided with Air Conditioning
- DIVER PACKAGE: for the guest that wants to explore the amazing underwater of Raja Ampat with either 2, 3 or 4 (called unlimited) dives each day
- PADI CERTIFICATION: for the beginner that wants to get certified to enjoy diving up to 18 meters, or to get the Advanced Open Water level if you already have an Open Water lever (allow up to 30m with Advanced Open Water certification)
- TOUR: we offer several Tour that brings you to the most famous places of Raja Ampat for site seeing where you can also enjoy snorkelling or diving.
- Duration : up to 21 nights
- Day of arrival / departure: Monday or Saturday (other days possible with 300 EUR per person (min 2)
- Other days of arrival / departure: you can come and leave our private island on other days as well with a surcharge of 300 EUR per person each way (min. 2)
- Equipment rental: available if you not bring your own gear

Cove Eco Resort - Private Island in Raja Ampat

All Inclusive Accomodation Package (with Snorkeling), Diver Package

Other duration combination are possible, refer to detailed price list

Occupancy rate adjustment:
Single: +35%
Triple: -15%
Quadruple: -20%
Child price:
6-12 years: 50%
2-5 years: 30%
0-2 years: free
+ Meals + Transport + Piaynemo Excursion
+ UNLIMITED Snorkeling Excursion
+ Snorkeling Gear + Kayak + Stand-up Paddle
Boat, Weight, Towel, Tank and Guide
(excluding Other Equipment Rental)
BCD + Regulator
+ Wetsuit + Dive Computer
+ Mask + Fins
Nights Free Scheduled
transfer included
Monday or Saturday
Double Occ. 42m2
Standard Cottage
with Air Conditioning
Double Occ. 84m2
Superior Cottage
with Air Conditioning
2 Dives / day
3 Dives / day
4 Dives / day
Based on
stay duration
per Adult per Adult Dives per Diver Dives per Diver Dives per Diver per Diver
5 nights (6 days) Mon. to Sat. EUR 1,295 EUR 1,695 8 dives --> EUR 300 11 dives --> EUR 405 14 dives --> EUR 505 EUR 180
7 nights (8 days) Mon./Sat. to Mon./Sat. EUR 1,650 EUR 2,210 12 dives --> EUR 440 17 dives --> EUR 605 22 dives --> EUR 755 EUR 200
9 nights (10 days) Sat. to Mon. EUR 2,000 EUR 2,720 16 dives --> EUR 570 23 dives --> EUR 785 30 dives --> EUR 995 EUR 270
12 nights (13 days) Mon. to Sat. EUR 2,505 EUR 3,465 22 dives --> EUR 755 32 dives --> EUR 1,055 42 dives --> EUR 1,355 EUR 370
14 nights (15 days) Mon./Sat. to Mon./Sat. EUR 2,835 EUR 3,955 26 dives --> EUR 875 38 dives --> EUR 1,235 50 dives --> EUR 1,600 EUR 380
19 nights (20 days) Mon. to Sat. EUR 3,610 EUR 5,130 36 dives --> EUR 1,175 53 dives --> EUR 1,690 70 dives --> EUR 2,200 EUR 525
21 nights (22 days) Mon./Sat. to Mon./Sat. EUR 3,905 EUR 5,585 40 dives --> EUR 1,295 59 dives --> EUR 1,870 78 dives --> EUR 2,440 EUR 585

Group special offer:

Contact us for group rate (4+ divers)


For Accommodation Package:

42m2 Standard Ocean View Cottage (42m2 with porch, Air Conditioning) 
2 single 100x200cm or 1 king bed 200x200cm or 1 triple sharing 300x200cm (maximum 3 person, including Child)

84m2 Superior Ocean View Cottage (84m2, Air Conditioning, mini fridge, hot water kettle)
2 single 100x200cm / 1 king bed 200x200cm / 3 single 100x200cm / 1 king bed 200x200cm + 1 single 100x200cm / quadruple sharing 400x200 (maximum 4 persons, including Child)

You can see the different bed configuration possible for each Cottage type —> here

Individual bathroom and toilet 
Provided with hot and cold water, towel, soap and shampoo.

Full Board Meal

breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner, coffee and tea (excluding soft drinks and alcohols)

Laundry Service
included, as we try to conserve the environment, we hang dry and fold your clothes

Slow Internet Wi-fi 
Slow internet connection shared among all guest for light email or WhatsApp to contact your family and friends.
Slow internet is not suitable for call over internet, video or rich /heavy website. It is not possible to access to bank or travel reservation website from the island.

Transport to Yeben Island (via Waisai Ferry) 
- Boat ride to/from Cove Eco Resort to/from Waisai
- Transfer from/to Airport or Hotel from/to Boat Terminal
- First Class Ferry Ticket from/to Sorong to/from Waisai
 free transfers are on Monday and Saturday. Other days are possible with an extra transfer cost of 300 EUR per person (min. 2)
All arrivals in Sorong using the regular boat schedule must be before 8 AM, considering that the ferry schedule to Waisai will be leaving at 9 AM from Sorong. 
All departures from Yeben island are at 06:30 am to catch the ferry in Waisai at 09:00 am. 

From/to other locations:
if from Waisai, the pickup point is at the Boat Terminal from 11:00 am to 11:30 am 
if to Waisai, the drop off point is at the boat terminal at 08:30 am 
from other resorts or homestay, on request, it can be arranged (surcharge or free depending on the location and weekday)

For Diver Pre-Paid Packages, with Boat, Weight, Tank and Guide (excluding other equipment rentals):

The dive pre-paid package is applicable for certified divers only, with a dive guide for max 4 divers (non-certified divers shall refer to discovery diving)

It is possible to have a private guide for an additional 15 EUR / dive.

If you don't want to share with other groups, it is possible to have a private boat and guide for an additional 50 EUR / dive. 

Dive equipment included
tanks, guide, towel & weight bell (other equipment to be rented separately)

2 or 3, or 4 dives per day (depending on the selected package), subject to weather conditions

2-morning dive, 1-afternoon dive and 1-night dive (depending on the selected package)

No dive on the day of arrival, 2 dives max on the day before departure (for 24h safety, no fly).

There is no dive on the day of arrival and departure.

For example, on 7 nights (8 days), there will be 6 days of dive included, which is 12 dives if 2 dives/day, 17 dives if 3 dives/day, and 22 dives if 4 dives/day. 

Dives locations up to 10 Nautical Miles / 18.5km (Yeben shallow, Manta Cove, Apibok, Mayhem, Citrus Ridge, Yanggefo, Rufus, Lagoon Kecil, Meos Manggara, etc...) are all included.

Dive locations in the range of 10 to 15 Nautical Miles /18.5km to 28km (Melissa Garden, Manta Sandy, Arborek, etc...) are included as a minimum:
1 time for 5+ dives
2 times for 15+ dives
3 times for 25+ dives
4 times for 35+ dives
5 times for 45+ dives
6 times for 55+ dives

additional at 25 EUR / diver with a minimum of 6 divers and at least 2 dives

For dive locations above 20 Nautical Miles / 37km (Blue Magic, Kri, Sardine, Friwen, etc...) dedicated trip can be arranged with a surcharge of 85 EUR with a minimum of 6 divers with 2 dives.

Included in UNLIMITED Snorkeling Excursion

Snorkelling is with a guide for max 6 snorkelers. 

Daily activities are scheduled the day before, and after dinner:
- Snorkeling each day to amazing snorkelling spots such as Yeben, Fam Islands and Gam areas.
- 2 different spots each day as per the daily schedule of the resort (snorkelling spot distance varies from 1km to 16km from the resort).
- Schedule itinerary strictly follows the resort schedule for the time and itinerary (typically at 08:00 am and 14:00).
- Snorkelers and Divers can be mixed on the same itinerary

Snorkelling equipment included
Full snorkelling set with Mask + Snorkel + Fins + Rashguard

Kayak and Standup Paddle Included
Kayak and Standup Paddles are served on a first-come, first-served basis
We can accommodate up to 3 single seat Kayak + 2 double seat Kayak and 2 Standup Paddle at the same time (up to 9 persons)

Additional Excursion:
Refer to Excursion Price —> here


Raja Ampat Marine Conservation Pin
All visitors visiting Raja Ampat must comply and pay conservation contributions to the government and will acquire a PIN from Raja Ampat tourism board.
The pin allows visitor to return as many times before its 1 year expiration date. 1,100,000 IDR (75 EUR) for foreigner / 550,000 IDR for Indonesian (include spot fee for Fam’s island).

Extra Beverage 
Alcoholic or soft drink
Extra food (refer to Cove Beach House Menu)
Corkage fee: 10 EUR per bottle brought by guest (kept in fridge, served during meals)

Transport on non-regular transfer days:
Monday and Saturday are free transfer days. For arrival on other weekdays or on other schedules (afternoon instead of morning).
Surcharge applies if transport is not on the free transfer schedule (each way):
300 EUR / person (min. 2) for additional transfer via Waisai Ferry to Yeben Island

Delayed arrival or missed flight
In case an extra transfer is to be arranged due to late arrival, an additional surcharge will occur at 300 EUR / person (min. 2) for additional transfer via Waisai Ferry.
The extra transfer might be arranged only the following day if proper notice.
An overnight stay in Sorong cost approximately 85 EUR 

Dive Insurance
Dive insurance is mandatory to dive with us.
If you don't have your own Dive Insurance, we can arrange for you DAN short-term insurance
1 day: 10 EUR, 2 days: 20 EUR, 5 days: 30 EUR, 10 days: 40 EUR, 30 days: 50 EUR 

The Piaynemo excursion is only on Wednesday 
The additional private trip is possible with a surcharge (refer to excursion price).

Christmas or New Year event
Christmas event (4 menu course with wine, special entertainment) a surcharge of 200 EUR / person or 100 EUR / Child <12 year
New Year event (4 menu course with wine, special entertainment, firework) a surcharge of 250 EUR / person or 125 EUR / Child <12 year

Bank transfer 
We accept bank transfer in EUR, USD, IDR, GBP, AUD, NZD currency.

Payment by Card fee 4%
Payment in USD during reservation via Paypal or IDR at the resort with 4% fee

Payment in cash
We accept cash in EUR, USD or IDR at the resort

Currency exchange rate
EUR conversion from/to other any other currency (USD, IDR, GBP, AUD, NZD) is based on mid-market exchange rate +1%

Cove Eco Resort - Private Island in Raja Ampat

Activity Rate Without Pre-Paid Package, or at the Resort

Diving (day or night dive), excluding equipment, with a guide for max 4 Diver: 
Dives 1 to 9: 55 EUR 
Dives 10 to 19: 50 EUR 
Dives 20 to 29: 45 EUR
Dives 30 to 39: 40 EUR  
Dives 40+: 35 EUR 

Surcharge 25 EUR / dive for a private guide
Surcharge 75 EUR / dive for private boat
House reef diving (without a boat) guided: 35 EUR 
House reef for experienced only (without a boat) unguided: 20 EUR 
Discovery diving for beginners: 100 EUR (with equipment and Dive Instructor)
15L Tank: 5 EUR / dive

Cove Eco Resort - Private Island in Raja Ampat

Equipment Rental

-25% for rental during 6 days (7N8D) and more
-35% for rental during 13 days (14N15D) and more

Diving equipment
BCD or Regulator or Wetsuit 3mm or Dive Computer:
1 diving equipment: 15 EUR / day, 70 EUR / week
2 diving equipment: 25 EUR / day, 115 EUR / week
3 diving equipment: 35 EUR / day, 160 EUR / week
Full set: 45 EUR / day, 200 EUR / week

Other extra equipment:
Diving Lamp: 15 EUR / day, 70 EUR / week

Mask, Fins, Booties: Included

Binocular (bird watching): 20 EUR

Full Set rate
BCD + Regulator + Wetsuit 3mm + Dive Computer:
2N3D: 45 EUR
3N4D: 90 EUR
4N5D: 135 EUR
5N6D: 180 EUR
6N7D: 200 EUR
7N8D: 200 EUR
8N9D: 235 EUR
9N10D: 270 EUR
10N11D: 305 EUR
11N12D: 340 EUR
12N13D: 370 EUR
13N14D: 380 EUR
14N15D: 380 EUR


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