Cove Eco Resort - Private Island in Raja Ampat


All packages includes:
UNLIMITED snorkeling excursions
Snorkeling in Yeben Shallow, Raja Ampat
Snorkeling at Yeben reef

Yeben reefs are great for snorkelers. With an amazing variety of fishes and coral. You can enjoy it from the jetty or from any Yeben beach.

Guided Snorkeling

For a beginner, the best way to enjoy snorkelling at best is to get accompanied by our snorkelling guide.

You will get an explanation about fish species, and coral types and will always feel safe with our professional and experienced guide.

Guided snorkelling is available on our house reef or at other locations with boat.

Snorkeler nearby Cove Eco Resort, Yeben Island, Raja Ampat
School of fishes in Yeben Shallow, Raja Ampat
Snorkeling on Tour

We have several Tour that includes snorkelling at several locations. See the Tour section for details.

Soft coral on jetty pile, Arborek, Raja Ampat
Snorkeling joining dive group

Snorkelers can join about half of the dive spots, as they are suitable for snorkelling.

We may do 2-morning spot and go back to the resort for lunch or 3 spots and have a picnic at a nearby beach close to the next spot.

We will always bring you to a new spot each time so that you never return twice to the same reef.

Snorkeler above clown fish hiding in soft corals, Yeben Island, Raja Ampat

Cove Eco Resort - Private Island in Raja Ampat


All packages includes:
UNLIMITED kayak usage
Snorkeler and Kayaking above the pristine waters of Yeben shallow, Raja Ampat
Kayaking in Yeben Island

Kayaking around Yeben Island would take you about half a day if you want to go around until Yeben Kecil.

Kayak on Yeben cliff, Raja Ampat
Glass Bottom Kayak

Our Kayaks have glass bottoms which allow you to enjoy even more the view of the fishes, coral and marvellous reef.

Yeben Rock, Raja Ampat
above kayaking, Raja Ampat

Kayak lovers should not forget to put on sunblock as we are just below the equator.

Fantastic location for Kayaking.

Raja Ampat is a top destination for kayak lovers. Due to the highest Marine biodiversity on earth, visitors from all over the world come to enjoy our little paradise.

Kayak at Yeben shallow, Raja Ampat

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