Cove Eco Resort - Private Island in Raja Ampat

FAQ - What about Raja Ampat ?

Pianemo landscape, Raja Ampat
Where is Raja Ampat ?

Raja Ampat is located off the northwest tip of Bird's Head Peninsula on the island of New Guinea, in Indonesia’s West Papua province. Raja Ampat or the Four Kings is an archipelago comprising of 1,500 small islands, cays, and shoals.

What is so special about Raja Ampat ?

Raja Ampat’s coral diversity, resilience, and role as a source of larval dispersal made Raja Ampat possibly the richest coral reef ecosystem in the world with population of 1,508 fish species, 537 coral species, and 699 mollusk species. In addition to that, the tropical setting has created breath taking views and made Raja Ampat a paradise for bird watching. It is not a surprise that Raja Ampat is included in the Top 10 best destination for Tourism and Diving in the World.

What is interesting to do in Raja Ampat?

Raja Ampat is a world’s top destination for water activities such as Diving and snorkeling. It is as well very famous for many amazing virgin landscape such as Wayag, Piaynemo, Rufus Island, The Passage or Pasir Timbul. Yeben Island, the home of Cove Eco Resort is located just in the middle of these amazing spots.

Cove Eco Resort - Private Island in Raja Ampat

FAQ - What about Cove Eco Resort ?

Cove Eco Resort Jetty, Yeben Island, Raja Ampat

What is Cove Eco Resort ?

Cove Eco Resort is a lovely eco resort in Raja Ampat that is located on the Private Island of Yeben. We offer complete packages for family vacation, romantic getaways, and water sports activities. Cove Eco Resort facilities and services include first class pick up service from Sorong, Waisai or other resort and Homestay, fully equipped dive center, family activities and full service for VIP and Guests.

Why do you call yourself an “Eco Resort” ?

Cove Eco Resort is deeply committed to a policy of environmental and social responsibility. We seek to provide exceptional and enriching experiences in a sustainable environment, for both staff and guests alike. We aim to protect and revitalize both our natural surroundings and the community of Raja Ampat in which we operate. We are committed to demonstrating to our hosts, our guests, and the local government that tourism can support a local economy with much more favourable terms than mining, logging, overfishing, or shark finning. We’d love to sit down with with you over a cup of coffee and share more.

How many guest can stay at the same time ?

Our resort is based on 8 Cottage (six 42m2 Standard Cottage and two 84m2 Superior Cottage) with about 50 permanent staff on our island. We can theoriticaly accomodate up to 20 guest maximum (six double and 2 quadruple occupancy). Average occupancy is usualy about 12 guest at the same time.

Do you have hot water and electricity ?

Unlike several resort or Homestay, we offer 24h electricity in every cottage without any restriction (24h ceiling fan or AC depend of the room) as well as hot water. Our electrical generator is located far away behind the hill so the environment of the resort is completly silent (except sound of wave and birds…).

Do you have internet ?

We have a slow internet access with Wifi available 24h at the common area (not accessible from your cottage). The internet connection is using a private satellite connection of 1MB/s shared among guest which is very slow compared to land service. You can use it for light email, WhatsApp, Facebook messenger or basic web page. For more heavy web service the connection will require lots of patience ! Call with VoIP services (like WhatsApp call or Facetime call for example) will not work. Heavy website such as banking service, flight booking, etc... might not work. We recommend you to use 4G signal from your mobile (weak 4G signal from the jetty, but can be helpfull).

What about Malaria in Raja Ampat ?

Raja Ampat is officially declared as a malaria area, so the official recommendation is to take a treatment.
Most of our guest do not take any Malaria treatment as it has some inconvenient side effects, and we never heard about any Malaria case in Raja Ampat. Your doctor or pharmacy would probably recommend you to take it.

In any case, should you decide to take some treatment, take the one that are preventive (prior arrival) so that you don’t have the side effect while you are in vacation.

Do you have 4G signal ?

We have a weak 4G signal from our jetty that can be helpfull. It only work with local SIM card from Telkomsel. We strongly recommend you to purchase a 10Gb Data SIM card from Telkomsel upon arrival in international airport of Jakarta or Bali (ensure it is from Telkomsel and operational all over indonesia, or it might not work). Price for 10Gb cost from 200,000 to 300,000 IDR. It is not available in Sorong and we can't purchase it on your behalf.

Do you have Air Conditioning ?

We have new 84m2 Superior Cottages that are provided with Air Conditioning and ceiling fan. Other 42m2 Standard Cottages are provided with ceiling fan only.

Do you have fresh water shower ?

Like most of resort in Raja Ampat, the fresh water is from fresh water well from the island. The fresh water is always a bit salty but also depend of the rainfall. Water salinity at the resort range from TDS 500 to 2500 depending of the rainfall. (for info, potable water is up to TDS 1000 while seawater is around TDS 30000).

What type of food do you serve ?

Our meals are carefully planned with a selection of Asian or International menu. We do not serve buffet, but instead our meals are freshly cooked with always two variation to choose prepared by our Chef. For the guest with allergies and meal restriction we will do our best to accomodate your preferences. Every meal is unique with no repetition over 7 days.

Do you serve fruit and desert ?

Due to our location, we make our own pastries in the island to ensure freshness. We serve fruit, however fruit and vegetable are a bit tougher since the terain is difficult to grow fruit and vegetables. Please accept our appologies if availability of desired fruit and vegetables are not available due to its nature of short life span.

Is drink water included ?

Potable water is included and refillable Cove Bottle is provided for refill as much as you need. In addition Tea and Cofee are included as well.

Is alcohol and soft drink included ?

No, alcoholic and soft drink are not included in the package price, but it is available at extra cost.

Can I bring my own alcohol to the resort ?

Yes, you can bring alcohol from the duty free or from your country (Indonesian custom allow for 1L bottle per person). We apply a corkage fee of 10 EUR on each bottle that you would bring and will keep it cool in our fridge to be served during your lunch and dinner.

FAQ - Cove Eco Resort - Private Island in Raja Ampat

FAQ - When is the best season to visit Raja Ampat ?

Dry and Wet days in Raja Ampat
Sunny andCloudy days in Raja Ampat
Windy days in Raja Ampat
fish season in Raja Ampat

Diagram are from Waisai, please note that Yeben Island is usualy more dry.

When is the best season to visit ?

Unlike other region of Indonesia, climate in Raja Ampat is much more stable in average, with less distinct dry and rainy seasons. The weater is changing very rapidly and a blue sky occurs often after a short rain shower.

The Island of Yeben is usualy more dry than other location on main land such as Gam because the cloud are less attracted by our small island. It is very often that we can see heavy rain on the shore 10km from us while it is perfectly dry on our island.

What is the best season for underwater visibility ?

Visibitlity tend to reduce from October to April when plankton high concentration brings Manta rays and other pelagic fish to the area. Summer months have greater visibility but with less pelagic fish.

What is the best season to avoid rain or wind ?

The climate in Papua has not a very clear dry or wet season. However usualy the period around January tend to be more wet, while the period from mid-July to mid-September is usually more windy.

As the weather is changing frequently, over a 7 nights stay you will most likely experience both rain and blue sky.

For Diving, when is the best time to visit ?

In Raja Ampat, the weather is windy and dry from mid July to mid September. Aside from this yearly occurrence, diving in Raja Ampat is not particularly seasonal.

Visibility is the best during dry season of July to September at the expense of more rough sea.

Weather diagram by METEOBLUE - Diving season diagram by PADI

For Excursions, when is best time to visit ?

Any month will be fine. However around the windy season (mid-july to mid-september) and the wet season (January) the sea can be more rough which make the boat trip a bit choppy.

When to visit Raja Ampat on tight budget ?

The low season period from May to September offer the best promotion, contact us for the best deals  or have a look to our promotion page.

Why May to September is considered as Low Season ?

Foreign visitor tend to travel to South East Asia more in  the period of Autumn, Winter and Spring to get our nice tropical weather and enjoy Western countries in Summer.

In addition all liveaboard quit Raja Ampat to relocate mostly to Komodo diving spot because the dry season start there (it's difficult to navigate in Komodo from November to April).

Do you close at any period of the year ?

We are open all the year. Because our resort is located on the north of Yeben Island, we are sheltered from the south and west winds that occur around July-August or January.

Is your resort is fine during windy month of August ?

Yes, our resort has been build on the north side of the Yeben Island to be protected from south and West winds. Most of the time you will not notice much wind at the resort, with a calm sea in front of the resort.

FAQ - Cove Eco Resort - Private Island in Raja Ampat

Sorong Flight from/to Jakarta or Bali

flight to Sorong
Jakarta Flights
(Updated on 31 Dec. 2019)
International Flight Arrival in Jakarta recommended on the day before in the afternoon (for arrival in Sorong early morning):
Airline Flight No. From Jakarta
to Sorong
Arriving in
1 Garuda GA-682 Direct from Jakarta 00:30 am 06:35 am 4h 05m
2 Batik Air ID-7797 Direct from Jakarta 00:30 am 06:30 am 4h 00m
Departure flight recommended on Monday/Saturday (that allow to catch evening International Flights):
Airline Flight No. From Sorong
to Jakarta
Arriving in
1 Garuda GA-699 One stop of 1h 10min in Makassar 14:55 pm 18:40 pm 5h 45m
2 Batik Air ID-6285 One stop of 45min in Makassar 14:05 pm 17:15 pm 5h 10m
3 Batik Air ID-6199 Direct 16:00 pm 18:00 pm 4h 00m
Bali Flights
International Flight Arrival in Jakarta recommended on the day before in the afternoon (for arrival in Sorong early morning):
Airline Flight No. From Bali
to Sorong
Arriving in
1 Garuda GA-425 + GA-682 One Stop of 1h 55min in Jakarta 21:20 pm 06:35 am 8h 15m
2 Batik Air ID-6519 + ID-7797 One Stop of 1h 50min in Makassar 22:00 pm 06:30 am 7h 30m
Departure flight recommended on Monday/Saturday:
Airline Flight No. From Sorong
to Bali
Arriving in
1 Batik + Lion air ID-6195 + JT 745 One stop of 1h 15min in Makassar 14:05 pm 18:00 pm 4h 55m
2 Garuda GA-699 + GA-621 One stop of 3h 30min in Makassar 14:55 am 21:10 am 7h 15m

If you would like to look at full schedule of all airlines going to Sorong, please check out for full information. Flight listed above are for information only based on 31st December 2019 update.

How to reach Raja Ampat ?

The nearest airport to Raja Ampat is located in Sorong. Unlike the olden days, the growth of tourism has made traveling to Raja Ampat more accessible and more affordable. Air Carriers such as Garuda, Sriwijaya, Lion Air, and Express Air offer transportation to Sorong from various destinations.

How much cost the flight to reach Sorong ?

The fare for return air ticket from Jakarta or Bali to Sorong range from Rp. 3.5 million to 6 million (EUR 200-600).

What are the baggage limits ?

Many international carriers provide baggage allowances for Scuba equipment, however domestic airlines are limited. At present the baggage allowance for Lion and Sriwijaya is 20 Kg per person. The allowance for Wings Air and several smaller companies is 15kg. Any excess baggage must be paid at the airport. Rates for excess baggage are subject to change without notice and vary depend on the airline, aircraft type and location.

Which way do you recommend to find Domestic flight ?

For domestic flights in Indonesia, we recommend to use specialized in South East Asia which list all domestic airline in Indonesia. International flight booking website usualy only list the flight operated by Garuda, but not the other local airline such as Batik Air, Lion Air, Sriwijaj, Nam, etc...

Do I need a Visa to travel to Indonesia ?

That depends on your Nationality. Most of western nationalities have a “Free Tourist Visa” upon arrival valid for 30 days. Some others nationalities require a Visa to travel in Indonesia. Please check the Indonesian Embassy in your country to see if you qualify for a “Free Tourist Visa”.

Flight transfer tips in Jakarta

Be carefull for the transfer between International and Domestic terminal. It takes about 20min of bus or taxi between terminal, but the time to find a taxi of a bus can take up to 30min. If you take a taxi, choose only Silverbird (black Mercedes) which are safe and cost about 100,000 IDR for terminal transfer (other type of taxi are STRONGLY not advised due to frequent overcharge or scam). For transfer between Domestic and International flight that are not from the same airline company, we advice minimum 4h and reasonable is 6h to cope with any delay or other issues.

Flight transfer tips in Makassar

During transfer in Makassar, you will be required to exit the plane, collect a boarding ticket at the transfer desk, return to the gate to return to the next (or same) plane. Be carefull of the gate number as it is very often that the gate number displayed on the screen do not match with the boarding pass, and sometime both of them do not match with the actual gate. So please always ask a staff to reconfirm the gate number.

What happen in case of delayed flight arrival in Sorong ?

In case of a delayed flight that prevent you to catch our regular transfer, an other dedicated boat would have to be arranged. It would cost 275 EUR per person >12 year (minimum 2) for an additional boat at different time and it would probably require to stay a night in Sorong for a cost of about 50-80 EUR.

Any other travel tip ?

Please ensure that your passeport validity is minimum 6 months from your last day outside of your home country. Most of airline will not let you flight with a passport that expire in less than 6 months from the return date of your vacation.

FAQ - Cove Eco Resort - Private Island in Raja Ampat

Transfer to Yeben Island

fery transfer from Waisai
Transfer Schedule - Direct / via Waisai
Period Saturday transfer
Monday transfer
Other transfer
275 EUR (min.2)
1st October 2019 to 31st May 2020 Direct via Waisai via Waisai
1st June 2020 and later dates via Waisai via Waisai via Waisai
Transfer Timing - Sorong to Yeben Island
Transfer Itinerary Departure time Arrival Time
at Waisai
Departure Time
from Waisai
Arrival Time Flight Schedule
via Waisai Sorong to Yeben island
Yeben to Sorong
09:00am from Sorong
06:30am from Yeben
13:30pm at Yeben
11:00am at Sorong
arrival at Sorong not later than 08:00am
flight not earlier than 13:30pm
Direct Sorong to Yeben island
Yeben to Sorong
13:00pm from Sorong
06:30am from Yeben
16:30pm at Yeben
10:00am at Sorong
arrival at Sorong not later than 11:00am
flight not earlier than 13:30pm
Which days I should arrive in Sorong to reach Yeben Island ?

Our little paradise is unique due to its remote location that preserve it from mass tourism. To reach it, we have dedicated transport included in all our package on either Saturday or Monday. The transport is fully inclusive from airport or Hotel until the Island of Yeben via Waisai using scheduled ferry, or direct from Sorong to Yeben depending on the exact day.

Can we arrive an other day than Monday / Saturday ?

Yes, subject to a surcharge of 275 EUR per person > 12 year (minimum 2), it is possible to arrive on other weekdays or differnet transfer timing.
All extra transfer from Sorong are always via Waisai (not direct transfer).

Does your transfer are direct from Sorong to Yeben Island ?

For the months from October 2019 to May 2020, direct transfer are organized for arrival/departure on Saturday. For later dates or Monday, the transfer are via Waisai ferry.

Can we reach Yeben Island from other location than Sorong ?

Yes, it is possible to arrange your transfer from other resort or Homestay around Dampier Strait on our way between Waisai and Yeben (such as Waisai Pier, Biodiversity Resort, Papua Explorer or Papua Diving and Sorido Bay resort) at no surcharge. For other days or other location not on our way, dedicated transfer can be arranged as well with specific surcharge. Please contact us for the details.

How the transfer from from/to Yeben island is organized ?

We will pickup you at your prefered location (Sorong Airport, Sorong Hotel or other location agreed during the reservation). Our friendly staff will guide you all the way, take your baggages, ticket as required and your Marine Park entry fee will be already prepared by our team as agreed during the reservation.

What is the timing for transfer via Waisai ?

For transfer via Waisai, you shall be in Sorong not later than 08:00am because the Waisai Ferry depart at 09:00am.

What is the timing for Direct transfer ?

For direct transfer, you shall arrive in Sorong not later than 11:00am because our transfer boat will depart at 13:00p,.

What about the return from Yeben to Sorong ?

On the departure day, you will leave the island early morning around 06:30am and will reach Sorong around 10:00am to 11:00am depending of your exact schedule. You shall take a flight not earlier than 13:30pm to have sufficient margin in case of delay due to weather or ferry schedule.

Location of the pickup/drop off

Cost in addition of the all inclusive accomodation package.
Price per person >12 year (min. 2 persons)

Location Transfer Transfer on other weekdays
Airport, Hotel, Pier
via Waisai Ferry in VIP seat
free 275 EUR
Waisai area:
Waisai pier, Waivo, Hamueco,
Meridian, Biodiversity, Doberai,
free 275 EUR
Gam area:
Papua Explorer, Sawingrai,
Dorayen village, Beser Bay
free 125 EUR
Kri and Mansuar North area:
Sorido, Kri Eco, Yenkoranu,
Raja Dive Lodge
free 175 EUR
Mansuar South area:
Sauwandarek, Agusta
100 EUR 175 EUR
Arborek Jetty
free 100 EUR
Wai island: 230 230 EUR
Batanta area:
Papua Paradise
275 EUR 275 EUR

Cove Eco Resort - Private Island in Raja Ampat

FAQ - What to bring ?

Cove Eco Resort from above
What I should bring ?

- IDR 1.000.000 or 75 EUR - in cash to pay the Raja Ampat Marine Park Entry Fee
- Valid Passport that is not expiring within the next 6 months until return to your home country

- A raincoat or poncho if desired
- A light sweater – the evenings and early morning boat excursions can be chilly
- A light pant if you want to be protected from bug during sunset/sunrise hours.
- All personal toiletries that you will need for the duration of your stay (there are no shops on the island)
- Wherever possible, biodegradable soap and shampoo - please assist us in minimizing our impact on the pristine local environment. We offer complimentary natural soap for all guests.
- Coral friendly sunscreen, sunglasses & hat.
- Mosquito repellent (DEET or PICARIDIN are recommended).
- Sturdy (water/mud proof) shoes if you wish to do any jungle hike or bird watching excursions around the islands; some of the stunning forest trails pass through shallow streams and muddy patches
- Snorkeling legging for snorkeler (we only provide rash guard for upper body.
- A small waterproof bag – these are an excellent safety precaution if you wish to take cameras or extra clothing or any other non waterproof items about with you on the boats.
- Binoculars to view bird life both around the resort and on excursions.

For Diver
- Dive Certificate and Log book.
- Proof of dive insurance covering emergency evacuation.
- Due to our remote location, all diving guests are required to present their dive insurance coverage.
- We recommend “Divers Alert Network”.
- All dive gear: mask, fins, regulator, BCD, wetsuit, dive computer (mandatory). An underwater flashlight is also recommended. Please advise us in advance if you wish to rent any equipment during your stay.

What I Should not bring with me ?

- Excessive plastic packaging – please pack items carefully and remove excess packaging to minimize any rubbish you bring to the island (all garbage is sorted into our compost, recycled, where possible, in Sorong, or disposed of in our incinerator).
- Dive gloves – these are not permitted at Cove Eco Resort.
- Non-rechargeable batteries – it is almost impossible to recycle batteries in Indonesia; whenever possible, please choose re-chargeable.
- Soap, shampoo and other personal items that contain excessive perfumes or are “antibacterial.” All these products contain harmful agents that will have adverse affects on our little island paradise.
- Fishing equipment – there is no fishing at Cove Eco Resort as we are in a protected non-fishing zone.

Cove Eco Resort - Private Island in Raja Ampat

FAQ - Diving

Scuba Diver in Raja Ampat reef
When shall I come for the best diving experience ?

In Raja Ampat, the weather is windy and dry from mid July to mid September. Aside from this yearly occurrence, diving in Raja Ampat is not particularly seasonal.

Visibility is the best during dry season of July to September at the expense of more rough sea.

For diver, once in the water the waves do not matter so the period of May to September is actually a great one to have the best visibility and not any liveaboard around (they move to Komodo area in summer).

Will I meet Manta during my stay ?

We are lucky to be very close to one of the most preserved Manta cleaning station named "Manta Cove”, about 15min from the resort.

Since it is far from the busy Waisai and Dampier strait, it is usely our exclusive spot without other diver as it is too far to reach for others. You will not have to queue for some time with many other boats around like it is in the overcrowded Manta Sandy, the true luxury of an exclusive Manta Cleaning station at your door step !

We can’t guarantee 100% their presence during your stay as it is up to mother nature, but you will have very high chance to see them as they are often there in the morning.

When shall I come to see Manta ?

Unlike Manta Sandy, our "Manta Cove” spot is visited by Manta all the year (including June to September). 

So there is not specific month to come if you would like to meet the amazing giant.

Do you have distance restriction for diving ?

Our regular itinerary of 35+ spots includes most of the interesting location in the range of 10 Nautical Miles (18.5km). Each Wednesday we bring our diver to Melissa's garden at no surcharge and depending of your package we will bring you at least severall times to spots within 15 nauticals miles (28km) to location such as The Passage, Manta Sandy, etc... For location above 20 nautical miles, (37km) such as Cap Kri, Blue Magic, Sardine, Friwen, etc... dedicated trip can be arranged with a surcharge or part of an excursion.

Do you repeat the spots for diving ?

Our regular itinerary includes about 35+ unique spots. We can return you to any specific spot if you like.

Is it possible to dive during Excursion ?

Yes, diving is possible during excursion no. 2/3 to the area around Dampier Strait (Kri and Mansuar Island).
We do not dive for the excursion to Wayag as it is a long trip to reach and the reef are not as interesting as around our location.

Do you dive every day ?

Yes, we dive everyday, including Saturday and Sunday.

How many diver per guide ?

The maximum is 4 diver per guide. Often less, depending of the specificity of each group.

How are grouped the guest on the boat ?

The guest are grouped depending of their interest, the number of guest at the resort, the weather condition, tidal condition, diver experience. Diver and snorkeler can be on the same boat if the spot are appropriate for both (each with dedicated guides).

Can I do night dive ?

Yes, we offer night dive around the resort jetty. Please note that for safety reason (we are far from medical facilities) and there is more danger with boat at night with reduced visibility, we do not perform night dive elsewhere than at the resort jetty.

The price of night dive is the same as day dive and prepaid dive package day dive can be changed for night dive as well at no extra cost (except flash light rental if you dont have any).

Is it possible to dive privately ?

If you don’t want to share with other guest, private guide is possible at additional 15 EUR / spot and private boat is also possible at additional 50 EUR / spot.

What is the usual diving time ?

Our dive are based on maximum 60minutes or 50bar limit, whichever is reached first.

Do you offer 15L Tank ?

All our tank are 12L only, we do not offer 15L tank.

Do you offer NITROX ?

At the moment we do not offer NITROX. NITROX is planned to be available in 2021 (exact date to be reconfirmed).

What is the water temperature ?

The water is at 28 degC +/- 1 degC all the year. We recommend 3mm wetsuit.

Is your tank DIN or INT ?

Our tank are compatible with both INT and DIN standard.

What is your tank capacity ?

Our tank are 12 liter. We do not have larger capacity tank.

What is the condition of your rental gear ?

Our rental gear is recent and well maintained for the highest level of safety.

Can I do decompression diving ?

No. Because Raja Ampat is a remote location we dive very conservatively. We do not allow decompression diving, and the maximum depth is 30 metres. We do not allow solo diving.

Can I dive without insurrance ?

No, due to the extremely remote location of Raja Ampat, dive insurance is mandatory as the cost can escalate very quickly if an evacuation is required. We recommend you to subscribe your own and if you don't have any yet we can subscribe you to DAN short term insurance (covering diving in Indonesia only) at 10 EUR for 1 day, 20 EUR for 2 days, 30 EUR for 5 days, 40 EUR for 10 days, 50 EUR for 30 days.

Can I dive without dive computer ?

No, for safety reason Dive computer is mandatory. Raja Ampat is very remote and the safety is our most important duty for diver coming with us.

FAQ - Cove Eco Resort - Private Island in Raja Ampat

FAQ - Snorkeling, Beach, Excursion and Yeben Island

snorkeling at Yeben Kecil
Does the Island can be fully accessed by walk ?

The east side of Yeben where the resort is located is accessible by walk. We have completed a path that allow to walk from the resort to the jungle and beach on the east side. For the west side, it is not accessible. We plan to add some other path all over the island in the future but it takes times as the Yeben island is about 50 hectare of virgin vegetation.

Is there any nice beach accessible from the resort ?

Yes, the Tanjung Beach on the east side is accessible via a dedicated path throught the jungle and hill. It takes about 10min by walk to reach it.

Can I snorkel from the resort ?

Snorkeling from the resort is possible for good swimmer. The best spots are about 7-10min on the east or to the west from the resort. There are also many schools of fish all around the jetty that are fascinating. From the Tanjung Beach (10minutes by walk you can as well enjoy beautifull spots with nice corals. If you intend to visit us for snorkeling only, all our package include snorkeling excursion each day to many areas, such as the beautifull Yeben shallow, Manta Cove or other locations around Yeben. You can also join diver to explore other areas because most of diving spots are also suitable for snorkeling.

Can I snorkel or swim from the beach ?

Snorkeling in Raja Ampat is mainly from jetty or boat. Unlike areas like Maldives or Thailand, most of reefs are not sandy bottom and instead with many corals (which make the area so famous). In very shallow water (less than a meter deep) it can be dangerous with sharpen corals and also there is a high risk to damage the corals with fins.

What is the purpose of Unlimited Snorkeling Excursion ?

For the snorkeler passionate, this allows you to be full of activities during your stay without worrying about any surcharge for boat, guide, equipment or extra kayak rental. All is included and you can join diver group to many different location. In addition. It is also great for couple with one diver and one non-diver so that the non-diver can join together all spots.

Is there any restriction on the Unlimited Snorkeling Excursion ?

The restriction is on the schedule and itinerary. Different spot are scheduled by the resort each day at 08:00am and 14:00pm. Snorkeler and Diver can be on the same boat depend of the location and number of guest at the resort.

Do we return to Yeben when booked a tour or excursion ?

All our excursion and tour are based on returning to Cove Eco Resort at the end of the day.

Depend of the spot visited (close or far) you will return to the resort for lunch, or get a picnic lunch at a nearby beach for further areas.

Why the excursion price are expensive ?

Price of excursion are based on gas, boat charge, crew, park entrance, donation and hiring of local guides and government taxes. Sorong cost are higher than other region of Indonesia and Yeben island is extremly remote. For example the gas has to be shipped 100km from Sorong prior to be used which multiply all costs. Many areas in the additional excursion have extra entrance fees that are already included in the price of the excursions.

To get the most competitive price the best is to join with other guest in order to get degressive price.

What happen if I book an excursion and other guest join the same ?

Our price is based on number of adults in the group. If additional adult join, we would adjust your invoice and refund you the difference based on full price (degressive price with larger group).

Can I snorkel or Dive during the Excursions ?

Yes, you can snorkel or dive at many different location during excursion.

FAQ - Cove Eco Resort - Private Island in Raja Ampat

FAQ - Reservation and Payment

reservation 2048-web10%25
How can I confirm my reservation ?

To confirm your reservation, we require the payment of 30% of the full invoice within a week of the invoice issuance. The 70% balance will has to be paid 60 days prior arrival.

Do you need any specific information to make the reservation ?

Yes, upon the reservation we will send you a link to fill an online form to collect your information (flights, passport, meal preferences, allergies, dive history, dive certification no, dive insurrance, etc...)

How long in advance I should book my vacation to Cove Eco Resort

For the low season (May to September we recommend you to book at least 2 months in advance. For the high season October to May we recommend you to book at least 4-6 months in advance. For the peak periods (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, Chineese New Year, Easter...) you should make your reservation 12-10 months in advance as we are small, it gets full relatively quick.

Can I pay in different currency ?

Yes, depend of your bank country we can accept various currency such as EUR, USD, IDR, GBP, AUD, NZD based on actual mid-market rate. For currency other than EUR or IDR, we apply a fee of 1% to cover the exchange rate and transfer.

Can I pay by card ?

Yes, we accept payment by card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) in USD during reservation with a fee of 4% by using Paypal.

At the resort we can accept payment by card (Visa, Mastercard only) in IDR with a fee of 4%. You shall contact your bank prior arrival in Indonesia for authorization as some bank could reject payment if not pre-approved.

However we recommend payment by bank transfer in EUR or USD to avoid 4% credit card fees.

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