Cove Eco Resort - Private Island in Raja Ampat

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Cove Jetty - School of fishes
A diving day at Cove Eco Resort

Our typical dive day starts around 08:00am.

Based on the level of each guest, their objectives and number of dives selected, we will bring you to the most suitable spot that is defined by our dive master team the day before.

Scuba diver on the boat ready to flip into the water with Cove Eco Resort team
Cove Eco Resort diving team and boat crew at Pasir Timbul, Raja Ampat

We may do 2 morning dives and go back to the resort for lunch or 3 dive and have a picnic at a nearby beach close to the next dive spot.

We will always bring you to new dive spot each time so that you never return twice to the same reef.

Yeben Discovery Dive

For non-certified diver we offer Discovery dives with dedicated guide. We have some calm areas near our island that are perfect to get dive introduction by our experienced and friendly Dive team.

Yeben Kecil with pristine water, Raja Ampat

Cove Eco Resort - Private Island in Raja Ampat

Reef Around Yeben Island

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Amazing Location for diving

Cove Eco resort is located on the Yeben island on the northest area of Raja Ampat (1.5h from Waisai). in one of the most prolific and preserved area of Raja Ampat, nearby many famous diving spot such as:
- Mayhem, Citrus Ridge
- Melissa’s Garden, Anita’s Garden, My Reef
- Manta Cove, Meos Mangara
- Yeben Shallow, Yeben Corden
- Rufus Wall, Rufus Ridge
- Manta Sandy, Arborek
- ...

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Preserved Area

Due to our unique remote location, our reef around us are some of the most preserved of Raja Ampat. Extra effort to reach us means less diver are exploring our surroundings, making them more natural and intact.

Our dive team has the chance to find some new undiscovered spots regularly.


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We lie in a remote area surrounded by the most complicated islands geography. It's a coral paradise with currents and tides hosting the most beautiful reefs with endless plankton stew.

The combination of infinite range of habitat and rich currents has produced an undersea wilderness dripping in biodiversity. 

Virtual Species Factory

The figure speaks themselves (Dr. Mark Erdmann Ph. D):
- 600+ species of hard coral (75% of world’s total)
- 1,711 species of coral reef fish
- 35 species of endemic reef fish found only here
- 57 species of Mantis Shrimp
- 17 species of Marine Mammals
- 5 species of endangered sea turtle

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Highest Marine Biodiversity on the earth

While some place Raja Ampat in the top five destination for diving, it is actually the number one ranking in terms of biodiversity.

As per US Conservation International, the marine life diversity is the highest recorded on earth. An initial voyage confirmed that 450 species of reef-building coral with nine newly discovered (for example the entire caribbean, by contrast holds fewer than 70 species). Our area is the home of 75% of all known coral species. Scientist have recorded 1,711 different species of reef fish and the list is still growing.

What you may experience while diving with us

Cove Eco Resort team will bring you to many spots around our area were you may experience:
- walking shark
- blacktip shark
- Pygmy Seahorse
- Barracuda
- Manta Rays
- Giant Trevally
- Turtles
- parrotfishes
- Wobbegong Sharks
- nudibranchs
- small critters
- ...

Some of the most beautifull soft and hard corals.

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