The Cove’s Home in Raja Ampat

Private Island of Yeben

Yeben Island aerial picture with the amazing reef around, Raja Ampat

Last Paradise on earth

The Cove is nestled on the Northern side of the famous Yeben Island and sheltered from the South and West Pacific winds allowing the resort to remain open year round and maintain a temperature between 32 and 34 degrees Celsius. Travel time from Waisai to Yeben is about 90min to 120min depending of the weather by Cove’s transfer boat.

The most preserved area of Raja Ampat

Due to the very remote location on the North West of Raja Ampat, the island of Yeben remain one of the most preserved area. The island is surrounded by a 5km non-fishing zone which bring a high density of intact biodiversity. We have a “secret” Manta spot on the north of Yeben which remains intact with lots of manta coming in a cleaning station nearby.

mangrove of Yeben with Cove Eco Resort boat, Raja Ampat

Hiden treasure of Raja Ampat

Yeben Island is a hidden treasure of Raja Ampat known for its water clarity and beautiful beaches which has earned the island’s nickname, “Mirror Ocean.” The island is approximately 50 hectare and consists of about 7km of reef, 5km of coast of which about 3km of white sandy beaches. Mangroves vegetation is there also with beautifull underwater creatures.

The Cove is located in close proximity to numerous famous dive spots in Raja Ampat which are less visited due to the very remote location from Waisai. If you love Manta, you will be amazed !

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